6066 alloy is a stronger material than the traditional alloy that is often found in the market.  After the rims are extruded, rolled and welded, we use a special heat treatment that gives our rims higher strength and durability.

By welding and heat treating the joints of the rim, making the rim continuous with "no joint", a welded rim becomes stronger & longer lasting. 

High-strength, light-weight ZeroGen carbon fibers have taken our rims to the next level of performance. Our unique process reduces weight without losing strength and stiffness: by heating the carbon fibers to high temperatures with zero oxygen the carbon atoms bond in a better pattern which is the key to achieving a more durable material.

"True" Tubeless ready tubeless means no tube & snakebites! Compatible with all tubeless ready tires. Just mount the tire on the rim & add tire sealant. Now you can ride longer with lower tire pressure for better grip & a more comfortable ride.

3 out of the 6 pawls are engaging the ratchet ring simultaneously while the remaining 3 are half-way over towards engaging the next set of teeth on the ratchet ring, this mechanism enables us to use larger pawls & fewer ratchet teeth. 

It means super-fast, 3.3-degree engagement. 

Boost 148 is an increase in flange spacing, not just axle endcap width. So the Boost standard helps us maintain the spoke bracing angle seen in 26” wheels resulting in similar stiffness for 27.5" & 29" rims. This in turn gives you a wheel that is more precise and responds well to pedal input. Suitable for Shimano & Sram XD cassettes.

Designed specifically to suit 110 mm forks. Boost 110 uses a 15mm thru axle and moves the hub flanges outboard by 5mm when compared to the old, 100mm hub standard. This 5mm outboard movement affects the spoke bracing angle in the same way as the 3mm shift on 148mm rear hubs, increasing the bracing angles and creating “the stiffness of a 26” wheel” in the front as well.

The spokes we specify on all our wheels are the best triple-butted spokes on the market. Triple-butted spokes are 4 times stronger than standard spokes and weigh less, all that without compromising strength.

The sleeved method joins the two ends of the rims by pressing them together using an aluminum insert that matches the inner profile shape of the rim.

ACSC - All Conditions Stop Control - Graphene Breaking Surface improving grip and dissipation of water and moisture from the surface, allowing it to work immediately in ideal conditions and give better stop.

increases brake power upto 50% more in all weather conditions while limiting heat build up to less than 150 degrees  c.

NPro / Low Friction Nitride Pro Ceramic Bearings - High level Ceramic ball bearings for reliable smooth running with minimal drag.

NPro ceramic bearing brings huge benefits in terms of durability, heat resistance and friction, as well as a  reducing rotational mass.

Our super lightweight ceramic bearings are also exceptionally smooth and, most of all, fast.

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